Wednesday, March 15, 2017

First Vlog ! and get ready with me | Shopping? | (Japan) | Mika E

yey my first ever vlog guys ! its a little bit long and i am speaking in tagalog

but yuhhhh ! follow my life now !

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All Daiso Makeup | Mika E

This is not sponsored !

I am using Daiso makeup

at the same time showing to you guys

the quality of daiso product.

please do not forget to subscribe , and comment some of your request =)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Makeup Transformation

it been so long guys
im back in Philippines no
i will update you guys of my life
here in phil soon,
for now i wanna share this
super trending video that
me and my cousin and friends made
#nakikiuso lol =)

now accepting video request too =)
comment if you have a request !
enjoy =)

Love and like it guys =)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Natural look for everyday makeup =)

Hi guys this is my EVERYDAY look!
Me and my daughter are going to the 
park, and at first i am just putting 
my basic makeup on like bbcream 
and powder and it just lead me to doing 
a full makeup lol, I usually dont do full
makeup when I am with my daughter 
thats because I dont want to hassel 
my self being with kids really make 
me sweat and sometime really 
I forgot I wipe my face with wet 
tissue with my makeup on and it 
just GAHHHH! I am weird like
that, its a first for like a long time
I go out with my daughter again
to have full makeup well it end 
up well =) so yeah, random talking here
sorry . 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ex:beaute Review / エクスボーテレビュー

I got my hand on Ex:beaute yay , since i saw there website a couple month ago i really want to buy there but then to be honest it so expensive so i gave it up, but then i saw the trial set and i so did not hesitate to get one of the trial set, it sat for like a week on my bet cause im so busy that i dont have time to make a video but then yay here it is my review, i am so satisfied of it i really like it , it cover perfectly but its a a little bit light not really for full coverage one, but you can double put it and it came it really nice too, you can also make it as a concealer if you want.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ettusais BB White Review / エテュセBBホワイトレビュー

Hi guys wow long time no post been really
busy, but anyway here is the video for my
Ettusais BB White .
I actually got this on みんなのメイク monitor present
i am 1 out of 50 who got this bb cream,
this is one of my favorite right now
like i am using it everyday , it make my
powder longer , as you all know
i am a single mom and i always go
to the park with my daughter and
ofcourse i wont go out without
nothing on my face and this one was wow !
ofcourse when your with you kid and playing with them
sweat are everywhere and this one is just crazy
just tap a tissue and it still there , and it more like
prettier , yeah crazy right ! try it you wont regret.