Thursday, March 15, 2012

A peek of what I bought in 100yen shop

Hey guys since I can't sleep
I want to write and share something
This will be my random talk
I really can't sleep
I am so excited to get my Canon rebel t3i/600D/ eos kissx5 , I've been surfing the net and everything cause
I am so excited.
Ok well before I have a Nikon d3000
bought it cause I am a beginner and been in love to photography since then well way back before I am inlove with photography thought .
But niway why do I want the canon rebel t3i ? Because it has a flip LCD which in the first place that I am looking for and not just that but the photo quality blah blah blah
Got a hands on it on my cousin camera she have that one and that then I feel in love in canon so yeah I can't wait to buy it!
Anyway I pass by 100yen shop woohoo bought some random stuff since right now I don't want to spend on expensive makeup so yeah just want to add more in my cheap makeup box lol

I just deleted the photo since I am using the phone the photo won't automatically resize gahh
Goodbam ~~~~~

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