Sunday, December 23, 2012

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion + Salon Effect Nail Polish

Hi  guys , I am back to posting yeah o(^-^)o
OK !! don't go weird on me now ne ! I am in the mood 
so i am gonna talk like crazy today (≧▽≦)
please bare with me 

So last month I bought this  EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion
I have been wanting to buy an  Avène product way before but its quite expensive
but then last month was my BDAY (*^o^*)  my parents gave me money(wohoo)
so then I instantly bought that, But then at first I wan planning to buy the  Avène
Oil Control Lotion not the EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion , I know
your wondering why I end up buying the Skin Balance Lotion? ahummm ok while I
was going to pay the Oil Control Lotion already the girl (the counter/cashier girl) 
ask me if I am sure of the product or is my 1st time buying blah blah blah! so I was
like yeah its my 1st time buying it , and she was like you wanna check your skin level
1st! so OK i let her check it and i have this combination of skin the dry and oily skin!
and she suggest the Avène Skin Balance Lotion to rather than the Oil Control Lotion,
so yeah thats how i end up buying it.

SO here are my experience to it for a month that
I`ve been using it, when its my 1st night using it I have a break out (im telling you BIG 
BIG break out) and its scared me to HELL, but then I said to my self I will use it for a
week and if my break out is getting worst ill stop but then on my 4th night using it i realize
that my acne or the breakout is healing that then I realize too that my skin became smooth
and not really dry and not oily too and now that i am on over a month of using it I am so loving
it right now and Im telling you this is gonna be my regular face lotion, and its really really good
too if you wear make up the whole day! the best! so i think i want to recommend it for people
who is suffering for acne and oily skin, this really a nice product . 

Now now I am so into this nail product right now really cheap
and easy to apply, it took 2 or almost 3 weeks on my nails its
pretty and look natural =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Party Look Video

Why oh HELLO there!!
I am back and yeah with a video ``YAY`` 
oh well this video is seriously not planned i mean
the concept is not planned at all,
when I was making this i was like 
`ok wherever it lead me with this look`
but yeah it turned nice thought, 
anyways just watch my video lol
ok ive been MIA for like what 2months?? 
because ``i dont know`` lol just lazy uploading 
add up out computer is slower than a turtle but
then today i finished editing my video
and the computer is back to fast speed computer now,
but anyway i bought a lot of stuff add on last time i said
i bought alot but i did not review or upload anything
so yeah was planning i can give you what i thought on
the stuff that i bought for the past 2month so yup
this all for today, please dont get bored on my video =)
i am an amature of what im doing ,, so please bare with me =)


Monday, July 2, 2012

new face foam!

Hey guys GOODMORNING (≡^∇^≡)
long time no post ne ! (*^.^*)
been lazy to write something lately since
 i am fixing my onlineshop so yeah think to
post something today , I`ve been trying 
new facial foam started using it like 2weeks ago
since my old foam can only buy it on Philippines or US
so yeah while finding a foam on the store i stumble on 
this cheap foam the product name fit of what i needed . 

Its very cheap like 400yen($4) , why i choose this
because when i have my period i am having a breakout on
my cheeks and what i like about it because it an oil free 
ive been crazy looking for that here in japan, so yeah
this product is actually for people who have pimples or
if you have some breakout or something, and its really
good to if you have oily skin , this product is one hella

ok this two product are my everyday face routine!
with makeup or not!  the white tree snow toner
really much my skin thought it depends on your skin 
cause like my cousin the toner dont much her at all
she have very oily skin too like me so she tried my
face routine but suck it it did not help her at all except
the facial foam but well ofcourse if you use that you have to put
something after right like a lotion or toner well for me a toner work 
perfectly so yeah you really have to try and try till you find a product 
much you skin perfectly! 

OK this is my boring post for now LOL! 
thank YOU for READING =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi long time no post here (^ε^)♪
I got my canon 600d or canon eos kiss x5 
and i tried and so yeah i made a video too.
im really into photography so yeah this dslr is
so worth buying (*^o^*) , and its been
long since i update/posted somthing and
i bought alot of stuff since then but dont 
have time to update so yeah !

So this is my video using my new slr and i super duper like the
video quality its really the best my only problem is my sd card memory is so low
lol, planning on getting a bigger memory cause mine is only 4gb only
and it only capture 11min long of video and it sucks! lol

Yay and thats my new baby right now =) 
im so inlove with it right now =)

bought those in 315($3) yen shop my accessories 
is pretty much messy so yeah i pretty need
those stuff =)

and tadaaaa! it pretty much tidy now =)
i love the new setup there =) it feel more girly LOL

so yeah pretty thats all i got for now
i bought some mascara and there is othere too
but still did not took  a photo of it lol
im lazy like that, but anyways
hope you like my post there =)
sorry to bore u guys =)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*My Baby Vanny school opening ceremony + cousin make over ☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*

Hi ohhh my baby vanny is in daycare already
anyway just want to show you guys some random stuff
and what i did last few days (^O^)
Since i am a plus size i really had a hard
time finding formal clothes , I`ve been finding
clothes for the whole week how frustrating 
is that LOL. 

Look at that (^ε^)♪ my baby girl is all grown up now 
i really her with uniform on , but that just only for opening
everyday clothes is just a normal clothes .

After the opening ceremony we all just headed
home and me and my cousin got bored and 
look what i did to her, she is naturally beautiful 
and with that makeover i did it really make her 
really pretty , we are planning to make a video
tutorial too.

Well that's my random post for today
hopefully tom i will receive my package 
that i bought on GMARKET .


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slutery Gyaru Inspired Makeup =)

Hi guys i have new video =)
i know i am not that good in doing makeup
but i love doing it =)
it feels HOME =) lol
i just love doing it , and i want to learn more .

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confused , Frustrated, hurt ! I don't know!

Why am i here blogging?
Because I want to share what I thought I want share what i do / did everyday or every week and you know I am not forcing anyone to go here in my blog when I started this blog thing I don't know anything I don't know what I am doing here but every time I blog it's make me relax and all my bad thoughts will just go away, I know I am not good in speaking English and my grammar is not that very good too, ok where this blabber of my going? Ok
I am so pissed right now at my parents why? Don't get me wrong I love them to death you know , I have a lot of mistake and when I got pregnant at young age they accepted me back but sometime is just arghh!! I don't know I just want someone will tell me "oh darling I know your not that good in that stuff but were here for you go on with your dream and on the way to that you are going to learn alot" but no nadda I never heard that from my parents :( I just want a second chance ! I just want them to push me to that dream but no they are nagging like everything I do is bad and wrong! I don't know what to do anymore I don't know what I am good at anymore! :( and I don't know what to feel anymore!
I am just talking here cause in reality I can't say this to them ;( I don't have a guts to say this to them cause in the first place they won't even bother to listen to me.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

100yen SHOPPING ,,,lol

Hi guys just want to show you what 
i got in 100yen shop here in japan
i bought some cheap makeup to 
add in my cheap makeup box =) LOL =0
since my little girl is entering daycare
on april, i dont want to spend so much 
money in one items so yeah i kind
of drop by at 100shop 
Ok so here are all the stuff that i bought !
just some random stuff!

the reason why i bought this,
i need it to do a gradient style
on my nail lol,, not really for foundation
since i still did not restock my foundation 
but planning to buy a new one next month
and you know what thats mean? yeahhh
review babyyyy =9

yay look at that, does it look cheap,,
well to me it does not look cheap at all
the eye shadow is very nice , the liquid glitter eye 
shadow is very sticky but it will do to me, and
the mascara is nice yeah dont pretty like thought!
what can you expect on 100yen shop, but the eyes
shadow rock!

woooo! its a hangko case! last year
i got my hangko cause it pretty much needed
hangko is like your signature here in japan
but yeah since the original hangko case is
small and the inki is small that it cant fit
when i stamp on it i got one in 100yen shop.

a small pouch for my hand carry stuff,
like a small lotion a powder ect ect.

this one is a card case or holder its a must thought
if you have lots of cards this one is very nice ,
you wont misplace your cards if you have this.

and bought some box organizer to since my stuff
is very messy in front of my glass dresser phuuu!

just took some photo while cleaning and fixing 
my dresser !

see its clean already =) its worth buying in 100yen shop =)

i did not put my stampie on my photo gahhh
since i am in desktop and my stamp sign are in my laptop!
phuuu i better save it next time on the web to use it to in the desktop
oh well hope you like my blubber random talking!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A peek of what I bought in 100yen shop

Hey guys since I can't sleep
I want to write and share something
This will be my random talk
I really can't sleep
I am so excited to get my Canon rebel t3i/600D/ eos kissx5 , I've been surfing the net and everything cause
I am so excited.
Ok well before I have a Nikon d3000
bought it cause I am a beginner and been in love to photography since then well way back before I am inlove with photography thought .
But niway why do I want the canon rebel t3i ? Because it has a flip LCD which in the first place that I am looking for and not just that but the photo quality blah blah blah
Got a hands on it on my cousin camera she have that one and that then I feel in love in canon so yeah I can't wait to buy it!
Anyway I pass by 100yen shop woohoo bought some random stuff since right now I don't want to spend on expensive makeup so yeah just want to add more in my cheap makeup box lol

I just deleted the photo since I am using the phone the photo won't automatically resize gahh
Goodbam ~~~~~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Luminous Change Eyelash + Sana Pore Patty + Geo XCM-214 Contact Lens

Hi guys been out yesterday and i bought something 
in DONQI HOTE my favorite shop evah!
i am not reviewing this item that i bought since 
i still did not try it
and oh yeah i got my contact lens =)
happy gonna give a review once i use it =)
So yeah this the down eyelash that i bought its for just 999yen ($12), its a cheap brand thought since it the cheapest in the rank . 

This one is a PORE PATTY! the name said it all, just tried it on my hand and its very smooth 
cant wait to use it , i wonder if it really cover my pore.


And this is the contact lens that i bought online

it ship fast i order bulk one thats why i got a it a bit a little cheaper and it free shipping too, i have a online shop thats why i order a bulk one, but yeah cant wait to try it on =)

So yeah that`s all i got last weekend =)

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Simple Gyaru inspired makeup

Hi guys ive finished my Simple Gyaru inspired makeup
so yeah hope you guys like it!
i FAILED but please dont hate me ne =(
its my very 1st public video


Speedy Cleansing Oil + Sala Hair Mist

Hi guys yesterday my mom shop for our house needs
so while strolling too i found a cleansing oil and a hair mist
its on sale so yeah i bought it for a cheap price =)

So yeah this the 2 items that i bought yesterday =)

This is the speedy cleansing oil , its my 1st time using an oil cleansing
since i always use the tissue cleansing, and i just get tired of it cause
the side of my eyes always got hurt so since this item is really cheap 
i try to buy it if it good or not and yeah it is really good one for a cheap
price, and its has a sample of mineral foam wash at the side and i tried
it and i think i like it i just dont like it cause dont have prickles on the foam wash
but still it smooth your skins so maybe after i clean my makeup i will wash my face 
with that! and here the photo of me while removing my make up !

I really dont know if its right but you can use a cotton
when i tried it using the cotton it sims ok .

but  i like using my hands thought i WAB it =)

and tadaaa! it remove my make up easily 
without pain in it LOL


here is the hair mist , i still did not try it on
i hope its a good one my hair is a bit dry one
so i hope this one helps me solve my problem 

So yeah thats all i got for you guys =)
next i am going to upload my video
its epic FAILED ohhh
dont hate me! =)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

new template and artificial nail arrived

Hey guys i dont know my new template is just soooo grrrr
i dont know i have no word to say im tired to re make it!
this past days i am very tired of my baby daycare!
japanese is so strict (i mean the japanese law )

anyway to make my mood better when i got home today
i got my artificial nail on my mail box been waiting for it
for like yeahhh FOREVER! LOL its a free shipping thats why
it took so look to reach here to me, but oh well as long it arrived
to me its fine thought! i cant wait to do some nail art to it =)

  so yeah thats all of it
 it has alot of sizes so 
i give the seller a 9/10 to 
the product and 5/10 to the 
shipping (lol) yeah so thats all
for today! woohhh im still bothered 
on my template its an epic FAILED!