Monday, July 2, 2012

new face foam!

Hey guys GOODMORNING (≡^∇^≡)
long time no post ne ! (*^.^*)
been lazy to write something lately since
 i am fixing my onlineshop so yeah think to
post something today , I`ve been trying 
new facial foam started using it like 2weeks ago
since my old foam can only buy it on Philippines or US
so yeah while finding a foam on the store i stumble on 
this cheap foam the product name fit of what i needed . 

Its very cheap like 400yen($4) , why i choose this
because when i have my period i am having a breakout on
my cheeks and what i like about it because it an oil free 
ive been crazy looking for that here in japan, so yeah
this product is actually for people who have pimples or
if you have some breakout or something, and its really
good to if you have oily skin , this product is one hella

ok this two product are my everyday face routine!
with makeup or not!  the white tree snow toner
really much my skin thought it depends on your skin 
cause like my cousin the toner dont much her at all
she have very oily skin too like me so she tried my
face routine but suck it it did not help her at all except
the facial foam but well ofcourse if you use that you have to put
something after right like a lotion or toner well for me a toner work 
perfectly so yeah you really have to try and try till you find a product 
much you skin perfectly! 

OK this is my boring post for now LOL! 
thank YOU for READING =)