Sunday, December 25, 2011

Maybeline and Brushes

Hey guys it me Mika again =)
how was you Christmas guys ?, mine was OK , lol
jajangggg! its a maybeline concealer i got it for my self since
i read its good to cover the black spot on face, i got one for my self 
and all i could say i will using it forever (or maybe not =) ? )
and LOOK what i got from my mom ,
ok to be honest its my first set of brushes , i have some
brushes but not really a set one, my find out about my blog,
and she sems to like it so as she got an idea what to gave me
so she got me a brushes since i dont have one, its a cheap one
from costco my said, but i LOVE IT, its so soft like a pro(LOL)
but i find it really big, but still i like it ok , 
thats my new hair, i really like it but i am thinking 
if i would cut my hair to a bob hair cut that is usually 
my hair style but i dod not cut it for 3month now and its 
getting long and it sems long or medium hair not really suit 
me much, i dont know im still confused but anyway thats all
for today, sorry for my poor english.


  1. i like everything here!

  2. hellow there glecelee i lyk ur blog :)

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog & following ^^
    I tagged you in a tag post :)

  4. I like your hair. :)
    Beautiful color.

    Now following you.

  5. thank you i did follow u back too,, i like ur reviews

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