Monday, February 27, 2012

New nail design!

Hi its Mika with oh so crazy nail art! (LOL)
ok last Saturday I got bored and nothing to do again since
my artificial nail are still not here( oh its too long already) i use my own nail
to do some crazy nail art, and as you can see my video down THERE!
my other hand dont have a design thats because i dont know how to do it!
thats why i bought an artificial nail so that i can practice to it!
so yeah i just want to show you guys.


lol i hope you like it!
yeah i know i suck ok!
and i am not a pro ok =)
i just want to learn nail art!
so please dont bash me oh ugly comment ok =)


  1. your nails look super cute!
    I really love them :)

  2. You don't suck! It looks like it's done by a pro! (^v^) Real pretty! Jyeaaa!

  3. Wow! you nails are very cute *-*

    you look vwry sweet :3



  4. Wow! i love your nails.... so pretty....