Tuesday, October 30, 2012

EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion + Salon Effect Nail Polish

Hi  guys , I am back to posting yeah o(^-^)o
OK !! don't go weird on me now ne ! I am in the mood 
so i am gonna talk like crazy today (≧▽≦)
please bare with me 

So last month I bought this  EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion
I have been wanting to buy an  Avène product way before but its quite expensive
but then last month was my BDAY (*^o^*)  my parents gave me money(wohoo)
so then I instantly bought that, But then at first I wan planning to buy the  Avène
Oil Control Lotion not the EAU THERMALE Avène Skin Balance Lotion , I know
your wondering why I end up buying the Skin Balance Lotion? ahummm ok while I
was going to pay the Oil Control Lotion already the girl (the counter/cashier girl) 
ask me if I am sure of the product or is my 1st time buying blah blah blah! so I was
like yeah its my 1st time buying it , and she was like you wanna check your skin level
1st! so OK i let her check it and i have this combination of skin the dry and oily skin!
and she suggest the Avène Skin Balance Lotion to rather than the Oil Control Lotion,
so yeah thats how i end up buying it.

SO here are my experience to it for a month that
I`ve been using it, when its my 1st night using it I have a break out (im telling you BIG 
BIG break out) and its scared me to HELL, but then I said to my self I will use it for a
week and if my break out is getting worst ill stop but then on my 4th night using it i realize
that my acne or the breakout is healing that then I realize too that my skin became smooth
and not really dry and not oily too and now that i am on over a month of using it I am so loving
it right now and Im telling you this is gonna be my regular face lotion, and its really really good
too if you wear make up the whole day! the best! so i think i want to recommend it for people
who is suffering for acne and oily skin, this really a nice product . 

Now now I am so into this nail product right now really cheap
and easy to apply, it took 2 or almost 3 weeks on my nails its
pretty and look natural =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Party Look Video

Why oh HELLO there!!
I am back and yeah with a video ``YAY`` 
oh well this video is seriously not planned i mean
the concept is not planned at all,
when I was making this i was like 
`ok wherever it lead me with this look`
but yeah it turned nice thought, 
anyways just watch my video lol
ok ive been MIA for like what 2months?? 
because ``i dont know`` lol just lazy uploading 
add up out computer is slower than a turtle but
then today i finished editing my video
and the computer is back to fast speed computer now,
but anyway i bought a lot of stuff add on last time i said
i bought alot but i did not review or upload anything
so yeah was planning i can give you what i thought on
the stuff that i bought for the past 2month so yup
this all for today, please dont get bored on my video =)
i am an amature of what im doing ,, so please bare with me =)