Friday, August 16, 2013

Natural look for everyday makeup =)

Hi guys this is my EVERYDAY look!
Me and my daughter are going to the 
park, and at first i am just putting 
my basic makeup on like bbcream 
and powder and it just lead me to doing 
a full makeup lol, I usually dont do full
makeup when I am with my daughter 
thats because I dont want to hassel 
my self being with kids really make 
me sweat and sometime really 
I forgot I wipe my face with wet 
tissue with my makeup on and it 
just GAHHHH! I am weird like
that, its a first for like a long time
I go out with my daughter again
to have full makeup well it end 
up well =) so yeah, random talking here
sorry . 

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ex:beaute Review / エクスボーテレビュー

I got my hand on Ex:beaute yay , since i saw there website a couple month ago i really want to buy there but then to be honest it so expensive so i gave it up, but then i saw the trial set and i so did not hesitate to get one of the trial set, it sat for like a week on my bet cause im so busy that i dont have time to make a video but then yay here it is my review, i am so satisfied of it i really like it , it cover perfectly but its a a little bit light not really for full coverage one, but you can double put it and it came it really nice too, you can also make it as a concealer if you want.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ettusais BB White Review / エテュセBBホワイトレビュー

Hi guys wow long time no post been really
busy, but anyway here is the video for my
Ettusais BB White .
I actually got this on みんなのメイク monitor present
i am 1 out of 50 who got this bb cream,
this is one of my favorite right now
like i am using it everyday , it make my
powder longer , as you all know
i am a single mom and i always go
to the park with my daughter and
ofcourse i wont go out without
nothing on my face and this one was wow !
ofcourse when your with you kid and playing with them
sweat are everywhere and this one is just crazy
just tap a tissue and it still there , and it more like
prettier , yeah crazy right ! try it you wont regret.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

H&M Yellow Skirt Fashion tops Match

Hey guys!
recently i receive a message asking about fashion
for chubby people or plus size girl , and i know
why she ask me since im a chubby girl my self
but im not really that good on fashion or styling
my self but i love dressing other people but then
i was thinking of it and yes i try to do it and
its quit fun thought ,, hope you like it,
its all about the skirts actually , im playing
match it tops so im only gonna changed
my tops .

this one is the my most favorite
i think the tops and cardigan match the 
skirt so well , and i prefer black 
all the time since it will get you a little 
bit slimmer , and for the cardigan for chubby girls
i suggest that kind of cardigan , cause you will 
look a little bit slimmer in that.

cardigan - forver21
tops - department store
skirts - H&M 

this one i just tried out the double tops, i usually 
do that double tops, i really dont know
about this one (lol) , pictorial this will be cool
but going out this outfit im pretty sure i will 
not be comfortable,

inner tops - department store
strip tops- department store
skirts - H&M
bracelets -  my grandma gave it to me
i think she just make it. 

this one is just plain i like this one too 
hmmm im out of words you do the judging 
with this one ,,,

Saturday, March 23, 2013

5 Minute Makeup Challenge / 5分間のメイクチャレンジ

Hey guys im back with my new VIDEO!
its a 5 min makeup challenge !! wieee
i suck at fast/rush makeup and i challenge
my self, i think i did good ,, or not? lol
but yeah hope you guys like it,
sorry about the light i did not realize its too
bright i only realize it when i transfer it on my
computer .
please bare with my english =) keke

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Inspired Makeup + Makeup(that i used) Review

I'm back with my new VIDEO !!
ok this video is inspired for valentine 
occasion or party , so yeah i hope you
guys like it !

im gonna list down below the product that I used .


Primer/ Corrector - Rimmel - Fix and Perfect Foundation Primer

Ok this PRIMER is one of my FAVORITE right now 
what I like about this one at is said in the cover it 
smoothies your skin and i definitely agree to it i mean 
come on there are other product that it not exactly
do whats in it cover right? ok maybe depend on your skin
too but this one work really well and nice to me 
it really smooths my skins that every time i put my
makeup color control cover and foundation  it wont 
go cakey on me. 

Makeup Color Control Cover

this one for others is not really necessary to use but
i really wont go out or put my powder or foundation
without this i really dont know but i think my face 
look much more brighter and last longer when i have 
this one on .

Lip Care + Lipbalm

why i use this? well for the lipcare i really have cracky lips
and i put it every night and before i put my lip balm 
i dont know it just that thing work for me if i only use 
the lip balm my lips will still be cracky after an hour 
but when i have both it will last longer .

NYC COVER STICK for under eyes cover

this one brighten your under eyes really well
and it really blend nice on your foundation .

Maybelline Pure Concealer Mineral 

this one is one of my FAVORITE too ive been using
this concealer for almost 2 years now i never had any
brand or i never bought other brand of concealer only
this maybe because this one really work for me fine 
i like how it covers my black spots and scars and perfectly
blend well on any powder or foundation that i use .

Max Factor's Facefinity Gelee Foundation  

YES! this one is my ALLTIME NEW FAVORITE foundation!
my mom boss gabe it to her and when i check the price i was
like WHOWWW its not cheap at all ! ok back to my 
review at this one, why i like it because its just PERFECT
my ghad ive been looking for this kind of foundation 
its give you matte bright finished ahhh i dont know how 
to explain it its just so good i love this product and its not 
sticky too it just feel so smooth on your skin.

CanMake EyeShadow Base- if you are looking 
for affordable eyeshadow base this one is better
just bought it around 500yen ($5) cheap but nice.
Miss Rose Eyeshadow Palette

the miss rose eyeshadow palette well this one is 
actually a shimmer eyeshadow and yeah the
eyeshadow base is a MUST cause if you dont
have the eyeshadow base the eyeshadow became 
so cakey and light but if you have the eyeshadow base
its fit nice and beautiful i love this palette its more 
like a PARTY look palette .

canmake eyebrow coat - it make your eyebrow color
darker and last longer 
eyeshadow warm palette drug store brand lol no name!
eyebrow pencil no brand drug store product
Tony Moly Eyeliner

its good too but i guess i prefer the pencil eyeliner 
much easy to use than this one but i still love this
i always use this ummmm like EVERYDAY lol
Maybelline Hyper Curl Eyelash

another maybelline product i just love maybelline 
anyway this one its water proof and i have a long 
eyelash and this add on make my lash more curler 
and longer more and i love this !
Diamond Beauty Diamond Puff Matte Face Powder - Dolly Face

and my new LOVE foundation powder !! i really have 
an oily face and this just gave a prefect matte finished 
and its so soft too.
no name/brand blush palette
canmake shading makeup
cover girl in nude pink lipstick

So yeah thats all i hope you like my video
please dont forget to subscribe or comments
or if you have any video request let me know =)