Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey ya guys got a little some to update =)
 While I was waiting for the cake to be done , i rome around the store then i found some cheap items that i want to use so i bought it.
What i got is a canmake cream cheek, oil clear film( since my oil control lotion still not arrive) and a nail stick(dont know what its called ) . 

What the meaning of this?! LOL
well i got a message recently to do 
a gyaru make up, so i was planning on
going it this week but i guess not ive got a
pimples ands its really big, my ..... is coming 
thats why my pimples is comming it after my .....
is over my pimps will  be vanish for 2 or 3 days thats
then im gonna make my make vids =) its my very first time using
youtube =) since ive been uploading my vids on VEOH .

Look what ive got! 
got so excited opening it,
bought it for 890yen($8) for 6pcs
very cheap its not a branded one
but its very nice so worth buying 
it, and it has a lot of colors cant
wait to try all of the colors =)

the packing is nice it came with boxs when i open it i thought its squash but it turns out not.
im happy that i bought it =) 

LOOK  since i dont have a practice nail i did my nail art practice on my Grandma`s hands lol, i know its not that perfect but im still practicing =)