Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Party Look Video

Why oh HELLO there!!
I am back and yeah with a video ``YAY`` 
oh well this video is seriously not planned i mean
the concept is not planned at all,
when I was making this i was like 
`ok wherever it lead me with this look`
but yeah it turned nice thought, 
anyways just watch my video lol
ok ive been MIA for like what 2months?? 
because ``i dont know`` lol just lazy uploading 
add up out computer is slower than a turtle but
then today i finished editing my video
and the computer is back to fast speed computer now,
but anyway i bought a lot of stuff add on last time i said
i bought alot but i did not review or upload anything
so yeah was planning i can give you what i thought on
the stuff that i bought for the past 2month so yup
this all for today, please dont get bored on my video =)
i am an amature of what im doing ,, so please bare with me =)


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