Sunday, April 7, 2013

H&M Yellow Skirt Fashion tops Match

Hey guys!
recently i receive a message asking about fashion
for chubby people or plus size girl , and i know
why she ask me since im a chubby girl my self
but im not really that good on fashion or styling
my self but i love dressing other people but then
i was thinking of it and yes i try to do it and
its quit fun thought ,, hope you like it,
its all about the skirts actually , im playing
match it tops so im only gonna changed
my tops .

this one is the my most favorite
i think the tops and cardigan match the 
skirt so well , and i prefer black 
all the time since it will get you a little 
bit slimmer , and for the cardigan for chubby girls
i suggest that kind of cardigan , cause you will 
look a little bit slimmer in that.

cardigan - forver21
tops - department store
skirts - H&M 

this one i just tried out the double tops, i usually 
do that double tops, i really dont know
about this one (lol) , pictorial this will be cool
but going out this outfit im pretty sure i will 
not be comfortable,

inner tops - department store
strip tops- department store
skirts - H&M
bracelets -  my grandma gave it to me
i think she just make it. 

this one is just plain i like this one too 
hmmm im out of words you do the judging 
with this one ,,,

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