Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lets start off to my PHOTOGRAPHY

Hey ya guys its Mika here =9
well since I`m  new here in Blogger i wanna start of with my photography
and some random talking .

OKey this photo was taken in Harajuku Park last march thought im not really sure but since im an amature photographer well not really a photographer (LOL) i`ve been liking this photo, well its not me its my cousin , its the best shot that i got thought .

So lets start of about me YAY!
I`m really not good about telling stuff about me and not really good at english, my friend kind of recommend this site to me since i really like fashion and other stuff she said its really good if i will share some stuff that i have, and blogging will make your english better too, so yeah im trying it now, starting now im gonna post and update stuff that i will bought and give it a review , please be nice to me ne =) im still new here and not an english pro .

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