Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Fun

Hi guys just want to write what we did last weekend =)

That me yaw`L , did not much do my make up and did not even wear some cool clothes cause my baby Vanny is with me , i really don't wear much skirts or hard to wear clothes cause i am very uncomfortable cause i am bringing a baby/kid with me so just simple one and a sneakers will do if i have my baby around , i did not even do my hair (LOL) since i dont much have time i just placed that playboy hat there so that my hair it wont look bad.

This is Roppongi every December there are lights on tress and light shows but since its weekend Roppongi is so pack and we did not have a chance to go inside cause we cant even find a parking lot cause its all full, we just stop at the side and took a picture and we just decide to go back on week days so that there will be not much people, 

This in Omotesando street, after in roppongi we drop by at Omotesando to take a picture to, we kind of in hurry cause the light will turn off at exactly 9PM, with those lights i feel its really Christmas, the streets look gorgeous cause of those simple white/yellow lights.
And i thats out weekends goes, somple but we have a lot of fun thought =) 

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