Saturday, March 17, 2012

100yen SHOPPING ,,,lol

Hi guys just want to show you what 
i got in 100yen shop here in japan
i bought some cheap makeup to 
add in my cheap makeup box =) LOL =0
since my little girl is entering daycare
on april, i dont want to spend so much 
money in one items so yeah i kind
of drop by at 100shop 
Ok so here are all the stuff that i bought !
just some random stuff!

the reason why i bought this,
i need it to do a gradient style
on my nail lol,, not really for foundation
since i still did not restock my foundation 
but planning to buy a new one next month
and you know what thats mean? yeahhh
review babyyyy =9

yay look at that, does it look cheap,,
well to me it does not look cheap at all
the eye shadow is very nice , the liquid glitter eye 
shadow is very sticky but it will do to me, and
the mascara is nice yeah dont pretty like thought!
what can you expect on 100yen shop, but the eyes
shadow rock!

woooo! its a hangko case! last year
i got my hangko cause it pretty much needed
hangko is like your signature here in japan
but yeah since the original hangko case is
small and the inki is small that it cant fit
when i stamp on it i got one in 100yen shop.

a small pouch for my hand carry stuff,
like a small lotion a powder ect ect.

this one is a card case or holder its a must thought
if you have lots of cards this one is very nice ,
you wont misplace your cards if you have this.

and bought some box organizer to since my stuff
is very messy in front of my glass dresser phuuu!

just took some photo while cleaning and fixing 
my dresser !

see its clean already =) its worth buying in 100yen shop =)

i did not put my stampie on my photo gahhh
since i am in desktop and my stamp sign are in my laptop!
phuuu i better save it next time on the web to use it to in the desktop
oh well hope you like my blubber random talking!

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