Sunday, March 25, 2012

Confused , Frustrated, hurt ! I don't know!

Why am i here blogging?
Because I want to share what I thought I want share what i do / did everyday or every week and you know I am not forcing anyone to go here in my blog when I started this blog thing I don't know anything I don't know what I am doing here but every time I blog it's make me relax and all my bad thoughts will just go away, I know I am not good in speaking English and my grammar is not that very good too, ok where this blabber of my going? Ok
I am so pissed right now at my parents why? Don't get me wrong I love them to death you know , I have a lot of mistake and when I got pregnant at young age they accepted me back but sometime is just arghh!! I don't know I just want someone will tell me "oh darling I know your not that good in that stuff but were here for you go on with your dream and on the way to that you are going to learn alot" but no nadda I never heard that from my parents :( I just want a second chance ! I just want them to push me to that dream but no they are nagging like everything I do is bad and wrong! I don't know what to do anymore I don't know what I am good at anymore! :( and I don't know what to feel anymore!
I am just talking here cause in reality I can't say this to them ;( I don't have a guts to say this to them cause in the first place they won't even bother to listen to me.

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