Monday, March 5, 2012

Speedy Cleansing Oil + Sala Hair Mist

Hi guys yesterday my mom shop for our house needs
so while strolling too i found a cleansing oil and a hair mist
its on sale so yeah i bought it for a cheap price =)

So yeah this the 2 items that i bought yesterday =)

This is the speedy cleansing oil , its my 1st time using an oil cleansing
since i always use the tissue cleansing, and i just get tired of it cause
the side of my eyes always got hurt so since this item is really cheap 
i try to buy it if it good or not and yeah it is really good one for a cheap
price, and its has a sample of mineral foam wash at the side and i tried
it and i think i like it i just dont like it cause dont have prickles on the foam wash
but still it smooth your skins so maybe after i clean my makeup i will wash my face 
with that! and here the photo of me while removing my make up !

I really dont know if its right but you can use a cotton
when i tried it using the cotton it sims ok .

but  i like using my hands thought i WAB it =)

and tadaaa! it remove my make up easily 
without pain in it LOL


here is the hair mist , i still did not try it on
i hope its a good one my hair is a bit dry one
so i hope this one helps me solve my problem 

So yeah thats all i got for you guys =)
next i am going to upload my video
its epic FAILED ohhh
dont hate me! =)

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