Monday, March 12, 2012

Luminous Change Eyelash + Sana Pore Patty + Geo XCM-214 Contact Lens

Hi guys been out yesterday and i bought something 
in DONQI HOTE my favorite shop evah!
i am not reviewing this item that i bought since 
i still did not try it
and oh yeah i got my contact lens =)
happy gonna give a review once i use it =)
So yeah this the down eyelash that i bought its for just 999yen ($12), its a cheap brand thought since it the cheapest in the rank . 

This one is a PORE PATTY! the name said it all, just tried it on my hand and its very smooth 
cant wait to use it , i wonder if it really cover my pore.


And this is the contact lens that i bought online

it ship fast i order bulk one thats why i got a it a bit a little cheaper and it free shipping too, i have a online shop thats why i order a bulk one, but yeah cant wait to try it on =)

So yeah that`s all i got last weekend =)

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